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Committees & Functions Within HOA's
All members of the committees serve as unpaid volunteers

Landscape & Irrigation Committee

The Landscape and Irrigation Committee oversees the common area landscaping which includes plants around entrance signs, perimeter berms and interior parkways. The committee works with the Architectural Control Committee to help review proposed landscaping changes by homeowners. The committee also serves as liaison with our landscape maintenance contractor to assure that the care of our common areas is done properly including maintenance and operation of the irrigation pump, well and other system components of the pressurized irrigation system. 

Finance Committee

The finance committee assists in establishing budgets, monitoring financial activities and reviewing the books and records of the association on an annual basis. Also, the committee oversees and adjusts the long-range financial forecast. This includes calculating and monitoring the reserve requirements.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

This is our neighborhood crime prevention committee which is organized into a team of Block Captains who watch over small sections of the neighborhood. This committee also acts as a telephone tree and communication network to quickly contact all homeowners in the event of a neighborhood emergency. 

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee exists to help ensure consistent application of design criteria and requirements included in the CC&R's and architectural guidelines. All proposed exterior changes to homes and landscaping must be reviewed and approved by the committee. Some examples include changes in house colors, installation of a new roof, addition of more living space or garage space. Installation of a fence, placement of a storage shed or significant change to the landscaping in your yard.

Social and Welcoming Committee

This committee arranges neighborhood social events, contacts new homeowners and presents them with a welcome packet. The committee also publishes the quarterly Home Owners Association neighborhood newsletter.